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How do I stop Late Night Snacking


I think  the reason for Late night snacking is due to someone not eating enough in the day. A lot of people i have come across try to cut calories to quickly to speed up weight loss and I think that’s a really bad tactic! It doesn’t work people, in fact when you eat is just as important as what you eat. Midnight Munching late can be bad for your health as your body is shutting down for the night and isn’t able to properly metabolise that 400g bag of peanut M&Ms

My advice for people who over eat at night is to switch up your routine. Have a great night sleep the night before and exercise in the morning to put yourself in a positive frame of mind, When you eat during the day make sure you eat real whole foods and swerve on those processed food. If you’re lost check out our meals for some ideas about what this looks like. Either grab one of those or make yourself meals that are similar. Chicken brown rice and broccoli or cottage cheese, beans and veggies.

At lunch time you better exercise! Start by walking gently and building up to a faster pace. If you work in Central London, Google a place not too near you that you can check out during your lunchbreak London is full of amazing places. If you have never heard of Postmans Park it is a scenic little spot by saint pauls that you have to check out Trust me. Walk there and back in your lunch hour. Get ambitious! Its amazing how far you can walk in an hour.  The idea is for you to be so tired in the evening you go to bed before you even get to late night munching,

I want you snacking on things like nuts and fruit. Have a smoothies that you made in the morning top tip of mine is to add a little banana. Drink water, Drink lots of water throughout the day If you come here to read my blog you will know that I want you guys drinking lots of water.  My theory is that If you eat enough in the day you won’t find yourself eating at night.

Have foods in the fridge that fill you up that you can grab at a moment notice. In the evening go for things like cooked chicken breasts, tinned tuna, Plain yogurt mixed with some protein powder, strawberries, blueberries. Carrots and apples raw veggies to snack on. Once again Drink lots of water.


Carli x


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