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Looking for a Vegan Cafe in London ? Look no further

I am so excited to announce that the Canary Wharf  outside Kiosk is now changing shape ! Morphing into our first Protein Haus Vegan Cafe. We are going to be whipping up all kinds of awesome vegans treats for you to try so there will always be different stuff to try, along with our amazing Vegan Coffee Menu that loads of you love.  If you havent been to see us in Canary wharf and want to check out the newest Vegan Cafe in London come to Canary Wharf station and leave the station by coming up the stairs using the escalators. Turn to your right and walk for 10 seconds and you should see us there in all our vegan glory !!


Newest Vegan Cafe in London

We have an organic Juice fast experience which you can smash for 1 day at £30 or your can try the Hardcore version for 3 days going up to 5.  How to book ? You go up to the till and pay to book your fast.

One more thing before I go, You can now take any green juice off the shelf and turn it into a Green Juice Smoothie !. You do this by  taking it to the till and asking one of our lovely staff members to blend it again with either a banana or an avocado to make a thick and creamy smoothie.


Vegan coffee store in canary wharf

Thats almost all from me Check out our Shop as we have 3 free new Ebooks for you to get your teeth into. One about combating late night snacking, one about meal plans for late night workouts and one for people who love to work out in their lunchbreaks.

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Carli x

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