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Desire.  do you know what you desire, often we spend so much time thinking about what we don’t want we forget to focus on what we DO what.  do you spend time focusing on your fat areas rather than the areas that you like the most? is this you. if you started focusing on RED CARS i bet you will see more red cars, of course you will because you focus on it, if you want leaner arms and a thinner waist how much time do spend focusing on this, imagine you arms leaner or what dresses you will wear with a thinner waist can you actually imagine you as the person you want to be focusing on what you want instead of what you don’t is very powerful, negative thoughts serve you know purpose at all, they can make you down and plant seeds of doubt that you can achieve what you want, first step focus on what you desire  and then believe than you can have it and that means you will need to develop on encourage your feelings of SELF CONFIDENCE, the ability to believe you can get whatever it is you desire, you must do everything you can to spin your mind into a frenzy of joy at seeing yourself as you want to me, doing and being exactly as you DESIRE, play this game with yourself, use you imagination, whenever you have a spare minute, waiting for a bus or tube sitting on the toilet picture yourself being who you believe you are imagine you goals and desires for yourself have all come true what does that picture look like?  YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND.

when have goals in fitness diet or life, you must approach your goals with enthusiam not dread, if you don’t approach it with joy and fun it becomes painful.  how do i get the body i want  carli? well we have to start with what the ideal body looks like for you, that get excited about really having that body imagine what it would feel like what it would change if you had this body, now if we are joyful and excited nothing is going to get in our way to achieve this goal because with this excitement we create a burning desire to achieve it. you start to exercise those I CAN I CAN I CAN muscles nothing can get in your way.

s0 when you head to the coffee shop in the morning a black coffee is appealing to you because it has very few calories and to a mocha , if you still want the mocha, you didn’t do enough head training, go back to the drawing board and whip yourself back up into a excited frenzy, you need to BELIEVE YOU CAN before the magic can start. this comes down to your self confidents the ability to believe you can, when you know you can achieve whatever you put your mind to all goals become easier.  when you walk into the coffee shop as an example and the black coffee is appealing to you because it serves your goals better than the mocha you are getting there, all decisions become easier because you are so happily focused with excitement to get to you goal every moment in life is allowing you to take a step closer to you ultimate desire

ACTION. now you are taking action and it should be easier because bringing enthusiam and excitiment into achieving makes it fun, knowing you can with self confidence and desire makes it easy now, all you have to do is take daily action. working at something worth having takes time commitment and persistence, all the skills you can apply to all areas of your life too!  like an artist with every stroke of paint is a step closer to there master piece.

you will need daily action, with action comes a plan, so can you sit down  plan some actions that you can take daily to achieve your goals

it may include signing up to weekly exercise classes, enlisting a friend to join in and you can help each other. it may mean you walk to work, change you weekends habits, or evening habits. and this should feel easy because you are excited about achieving your goals, when you let negative thoughts in like whats the point , i can’t do it its to hard, how far do you think you can get by entertaining these thoughts? not far at all so go back to the drawing board, create the pictures in your mind write down your goals, make it all become possible again because you are all powerful and you CAN do anything and have anything you want if only you are will to desire it, believe you can have it and take daily action to achieve it.

if you find it hard to believe you make changes, work on your mind first before you move on, work on thinking positive thoughts daily, write down what is great about you great about your life, you spirits soon lift up and you may need to do this for 10-12 days before you start to believe in yourself and what you can achieve its so important to get this step right.  and if you find you really  can imagine yourself changing you may actually  be happy as you are and come to realise your life is pretty perfect and you will stop picking at yourself or trying to be better you may stop and say I’m pretty damn perfect as i am, and i dont need to change one thing and what is this feeling called  happiness! well done you you made it. you are thankful for your blessing and you feel love in your heart for yourself and your life. that is success



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