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Go Vegan with Sarah from Protein Haus

Since ‘Going vegan’ became trendy, a joke that gets bashed around (so much so that its made its way to meme stardom) is about peoples’ sudden interest in your macronutrient intake. That’s right – ‘But where do you get your protein?’ is a question that makes myself, and I’m sure many other vegans, want to smack our heads against something fairly hard.

banging head against a wall

I personally find it interesting/amusing because different dietary requirements are so common nowadays. Everywhere has vegetarian/gluten free/lactose free/sugar free alternatives and no one questions where these consumers get their carb/dairy/energy intake from. Hell, even personally, when I discovered I was allergic to dairy products no-one was grilling me about my calcium intake! What is it about veganism that people just can’t accept is a healthy and fulfilling way to live?

I’ll admit, one downside, particularly for someone interested in health and fitness, is that not that many food or supplement companies cater for veganism yet (unlesss you count staring at you blankly offering a plate of lettuce for your lunch). Protein products are massively popular right now but we tend to miss out on a lot because everything is full of animal proteins and other byproducts.

So, it would be fair to assume that somewhere called PROTEIN HAUS would be another one of these places that teases us herbivores with delicious-looking meals and snacks that we can’t touch. Well, let me stop you right there my friend. Protein Haus caters for loads of different dietary requirements INCLUDING veganism!

Vegan Twix bars looking good

Vegan Twix Bars !! Do not adjust your screen

Not only that, but there’s so much choice that  you could live off of it. So, I did just that yesterday. I had vegan protein oats for breakfast (made with homemade almond milk, chia seeds and vanilla hemp & pea protein), a fresh green juice mid-morning, ‘Detox Salad’ for lunch (mixed leaves, quinoa, avocado, broccoli and tomato topped with nuts and seeds), an almond butter açai bowl (okay, 2) in the afternoon (they’re SO GOOD), ‘Vegan Greens & Grains’ wrap for dinner with a pot of fresh mixed berries, and a ‘Nutrient Packed Green Shake’ in the evening with, of course, vegan protein. My tummy was very happy!

Buddah bowl vegan food from protein haus

Buddah Bowl and Green shake for Lunch.

But this wasn’t even everything on offer! It was was hard to narrow it down to choose a day’s diet. I could have had PB&J on rye bread or a tub of apple with nut butter, seeds and superfoods for breakfast, the ‘Vegan Protein Box’ (brown rice, lentils, avo, kale) for lunch, one of their delicious homemade vegan snacks in the afternoon (the no bake energy balls are so good!), and a Buddha Bowl salad for dinner. Okay… I may just have to go and do this today!So, you can question how ‘malnourished’ us vegans are, and constantly tell us how ‘you couldn’t do it’, but if you want to know where I get my protein from? Until further notice, I’m a Vegan Badass and i’m getting mine from Protein Haus.

Vegan badass shake tasty


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